The power of NO

You know those viral letters and quotes thanking to the lovers that went wrong?

Well, the feeling of a broken heart and a crushed world that a failed relationship leaves you with, is quite the same as all the “no” you listen when you’re unemployed and looking for a job, isn’t it? I would like to thank those.

You know when your heart heals and it feels like spring again? When you realize you are stronger than before, you’re not afraid and sad anymore? When you agree that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and that you’re ready to “try again, fail again, fail better”? Congrats! That’s when you’ve really moved on!

The feeling of failure that deeply influences your self-esteem and blocks your view of the future might be caused by both a personal or professional relationship. Because, I believe that both are important aspects of your life as, together with other elements, they make us who we are and enjoy this great adventure that is life.

Today, I want to thank every NO I’ve received over the past months, and you know what? I also thank the other ones: the non-replies which, actually, were most of them. I thank the ones that never got back to me as promised, I thank the unfair answers who clearly didn’t look at my CV, I thank the few that explained why I wasn’t fit for the job, and I thank the ones that gave me an opportunity but that I’ve decided to say no myself.

I thank you all because, even though it was hard and I really couldn’t see how it would ever feel right again, here I am, more experienced than ever in sending résumés, doing interviews for different countries, with all the online shopping apps deleted, but certain that that the right one is out there!

Some people are meant to be in your life, others to go away leaving a scar, just like jobs do: take a look back and think that all your previous experiences made you who you are today. They did, didn’t they? Now, it’s time to embrace the AMAZING YES I’ve finally heard, the true match that I was looking for.

So, the new me and all the butterflies in her stomach want to say to you: Hang on in there!! The world is full of opportunities, people, and companies, we’ll find the right ones for each step of your personal journey. Chase the vision of YOUR future!

And if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones

‘Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone


We are the wild youth

Chasing visions of our futures”

By Marta

Este é um espaço onde se cruzam pensamentos, línguas, histórias deste mundo e dos que criamos. Um blog e portefólio pessoal, onde o universo de cada um de nós é atravessado por uma linha transversal de emoções, ideias e sonhos.

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