Pi School

[2017-2020]  Pi School is an international educational project part of the Italian startup community of Pi Campus, in Rome. The School focuses on technology, creativity and entrepreneurship. I joined the team right after the opening of the School, and developed all the communication and brand building activities from zero. Copywriting Elaborated the copy for social… Continue reading Pi School


[2019-2020]  Simabo is an animal defense NGO based on the island of São Vicente, in Cape Verde. It is the only association operating on the island, and the first opening a veterinary clinic and shelter in the country. I volunteered onsite for over two months and collaborated on the development of digital communication before and… Continue reading Simabo


[2019-2020]  Toratora is an online platform that organizes surprise trips all over Europe. Born as an Italian Innovative Startup, it operates today in different markets and organizes trips to over 60 destinations. One of the key markets of the company is the Portuguese one. Translation and Creative Copywriting I translated the website content from Italian… Continue reading Toratora