Pi School


Pi School is an international educational project part of the Italian startup community of Pi Campus, in Rome. The School focuses on technology, creativity and entrepreneurship. I joined the team right after the opening of the School, and developed all the communication and brand building activities from zero.


Elaborated the copy for social media posts, website pages, programs, events and other activities.

Social Media

Managed all the social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube), writing the content and creating the graphics.

Samples: Promotion of the Programs on Facebook

Samples: Promotion of the Programs on Instagram


Articles mainly focusing on topics such as artificial intelligence, technology and entrepreneurship.

Fake followers, fake influence, and fake news: the importance of detecting spam bots on Twitter

Using artificial intelligence to act on climate change

Improving your health through your mind: The impact of emotional intelligence

Looking down at the earth with artificial intelligence

Making legal work more agile with AI

Creating 3D images from a photo: exploring the potential of projecting virtual scenarios

Around the Campus: Giordano Bottà, Genomics Revolution in the Startup World

Around the Campus: Lapo Ceccherelli on Filo’s design strategy

Around the Campus: Isabelle Andrieu, the path of female leadership

By Marta

Este é um espaço onde se cruzam pensamentos, línguas, histórias deste mundo e dos que criamos. Um blog e portefólio pessoal, onde o universo de cada um de nós é atravessado por uma linha transversal de emoções, ideias e sonhos.

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