Simabo is an animal defense NGO based on the island of São Vicente, in Cape Verde. It is the only association operating on the island, and the first opening a veterinary clinic and shelter in the country. I volunteered onsite for over two months and collaborated on the development of digital communication before and after my volunteer abroad.

Website translation and copywriting

Collaborated on the translation, copywriting and quality review of all the pages in Portuguese, from Italian.

Social Media

Developed the annual communication strategy and communication guidelines for volunteers including points such the tone of voice, best practices, content strategy for each channel.

“Our Story” on Facebook

Campaign “Meet our Team”

Took a portrait picture of all staff employees and wrote a short story for each of them, both in Portuguese and English.

Campaign “Dogs”

Took a portrait pictures and used existing material to write a short description for the dogs of the shelter looking for adoption, in English.

By Marta

Este é um espaço onde se cruzam pensamentos, línguas, histórias deste mundo e dos que criamos. Um blog e portefólio pessoal, onde o universo de cada um de nós é atravessado por uma linha transversal de emoções, ideias e sonhos.

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